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Vertex Capital Insights May 18, 2022


Welcome back to Vertex Insights. Today is Wednesday, May 18. The last few weeks, investors have been quite nervous, as market volatility has definitely spiked and we've seen some significant selling pressure in the markets. However, we continue to reiterate to everyone that market volatility is part of the process, especially when you're a long term investor.

Market volatility to the downside is rarely comfortable or fun to be part of. However, it is a necessary evil for those of us who want to receive a long term rate of return on our investments. Market volatility is simply the price we must pay. That doesn't mean that we should blindly continue doing things the way that we've always done. We must continue to take a principled look at our investment policy and how we are investing our dollars. We must also review our financial plan. If we've had life changes, or changes in goals, if our values have shifted, then those things need to be considered as we reflect and review on investment policy for how we should move forward.

The one thing we should always caution ourselves against is making emotional, irrational decisions based on how we feel. Our feelings can betray us. One of my favorite quotes as it relates to investing comes from Nick Murray, and he says, "Human nature is a failed investor."

Those are my thoughts for this week...We will continue to monitor the situation and update you accordingly. In the meantime, get outside enjoy some of this sunshine, and have a wonderful weekend.