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Vertex Capital Insights July 1, 2022

Welcome back to Vertex insights. Today is Friday, July 1 2022. The first half of 2022 has been brutal for investors. Sentiment is in the garbage. Investment accounts have taken a beating. And we still are dealing with inflation.

In short, many people are very negative and pessimistic about the future. The good news is, we all get to have a holiday and have a few days of reprieve before we come back after the fourth of July.

So if you're listening to this, prior to the Fourth of July, we hope you have amazing Happy Fourth of July. And if you're listening to this, after the fourth of July, we hope you had an amazing Fourth of July.

The middle of this month is going to be quite telling about how we will begin the second half of the year. We will see inflation numbers come out for the month of June. And we also begin earnings season where many companies are going to begin reporting their second quarter earnings. We will also hear analysts give us their outlook for the back half of the year or give us guidance on what they're expecting to see.

If you are a trader, this is a very difficult time as traders tend to look at short term market movements to capitalize. If you are an investor, you understand that markets can be very volatile and even irrational at times. We hope that you are an investor and have an investor's mindset and not a trader's mindset.

That being said, we always encourage people to guard their mind, guard their mindset, when we're dealing with turbulent markets because they can be very unnerving. If you need, contact your financial adviser or contact our team if you want a review of your plan or your investment strategy.

Thank you for listening. We'll talk to you next time.


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