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Vertex Capital Insights April 1, 2022

Welcome to Vertex Insights. This is a weekly update where we want to share with you ideas, thoughts, comments, and encouragement on your way to achieving your financial goals. We just finished Q1 2022. And if there's one lesson that we should all be able to take away, is that negativity sells.

Our news media has learned you never let a good crisis go to waste. Right now, they are having a field day because they go back and forth between talking about inflation, unemployment, fed interest rates, yield curve, and Vladimir Putin, Zelinsky, Ukraine, Russia, the war in Europe, energy prices--what's going to happen next? It's a lot.

Fortunately, the market gave us a nice relief rally to finish out the quarter. For many people, it was an opportunity just to catch your breath. However, there are still things that we can be doing. Have you created a financial plan for yourself? Yes? Wonderful.

Have you reviewed that financial plan? Does that plan still accurately reflect your goals, values and time horizon? Time horizon is a huge deal when it comes to investing. Yes, we know that markets can be volatile, that is to be expected. The key thing to remember, is your time horizon for achieving your financial goals.

If you're saving for college for your kids, how much time do we have left before those funds are needed? If we're saving for retirement, how many years left do you have before you plan to exit the workforce? or begin a phased down retirement?

The key thing to think about is--does your time horizon match with the way that you're currently investing your dollars? Yes, we know market volatility is going to happen. And it is extremely difficult, possibly impossible, to predict what the market is going to do in any given six month period.

People try but they often fail. What we want to do is focus on what our key principles are for investing. So, we have to know who you are as an investor, what we're trying to accomplish, and what are your values? What are the key things that are important to you as an investor?

Not what the latest article said should be important to you--But what's really important to you? And then what is the time horizon? How long do we have? If the time horizon doesn't line up with how we're investing, perhaps we need to review the plan and make sure that we're investing appropriately. Don't fall into the trap of letting the media manipulate your emotions. Focus on you. Focus on the plan that makes sense for you. And stick to that.

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