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OUR BLOG: Vertex Insights

Endurance: An Investor's Greatest Virtue Thumbnail

Endurance: An Investor's Greatest Virtue

At the time of this draft, global markets have experienced a significant downturn, and it is possible that we haven’t seen the end of this extreme volatility. I’ll admit that times like these can give you heartburn, especially if you stay glued to the television and your investment portals. However, I cannot stress enough that what we are experiencing at the moment is a normal part of investing.

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The Price We Pay Thumbnail

The Price We Pay

When we sit down with clients, we work hard to learn all we can about their goals and priorities. As much as we can allow, we want the financial planning process to be a collaborative effort. As part of that planning process—a part that never leaves—we must continuously assess our plan’s progress toward our goals. This includes an understanding of how prepared we are for what we call Black Swan events.

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