Annuities are one of the most misunderstood retirement tools available today. If you’re approaching retirement or already retired, the odds are good that you’ve heard of annuities. Perhaps you even own one. Annuities can be complex products, and there are many different opinions on whether or not you should own one. We believe it’s important when you consider investing funds into an annuity that you work with someone who fully understands the complexities of annuity contracts.

Our beliefs about annuities:

    • We believe that annuities can offer real value for some clients when used appropriately in the context of a comprehensive financial plan.
    • We strongly believe that you should own an annuity for what it WILL do…not what it MIGHT do. Some annuities may be offered and sold by using complex hypothetical illustrations and not on the guaranteed features of the contracts.
    • We believe that anyone considering an annuity purchase should work with a credentialed and experienced financial professional that specializes in the field of retirement income planning.
    • We believe that clients deserve to know how financial professionals are compensated throughout the financial planning engagement, including the purchase of annuity contracts.
    • We believe that annuities aren’t for everyone. Every client deserves to have their own financial planning process than aligns their resources with their values.
    • We believe that orphaned contracts deserve service as well as new ones. If you own an annuity contract, but aren’t sure what you own, schedule a visit for our FREE contract review.

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