Active management and oversight is used on various levels for each portfolio including asset allocation decisions, selection and monitoring of holdings, and the rebalancing strategy. Research indicates that short-term market timing strategies rarely, if ever, generate consistent excess return, but more often actually increase the risk of loss. Therefore, we believe that a disciplined research and management approach applied over longer time periods can present opportunities for improved returns.


The returns of the various asset classes rotate over time because of varying exposures to market and economic factors. Many investors may overlook some of the more unique asset classes that can provide protection in periods of market volatility and decline. It is not possible to consistently predict these market movements and therefore we believe it is critical to use extensive diversification throughout all market conditions. Our investment solutions provide access to thousands of individual securities and a level of asset class diversification typically employed by sophisticated, institutional investors.


Our portfolios are composed almost entirely of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are typically passively managed investment strategies and provide investors with a number of benefits including low management fees, tax efficiency, and broad diversification. We believe these critical advantages will better position you in meeting your financial goals.


One of the key benefits of our investment solutions is our compensation structure. We do not receive any transactional compensation, but rather charge an advisory fee for our services. The fee is based on a percentage of your assets under management which aligns our interests with yours; to grow your portfolio value.


We believe investment advisors are needed to help formulate sound financial plans for investors and to provide an independent, disciplined portfolio management process. This discourages behavioral biases and short-term strategy shifts by keeping the focus on your long-term investment objectives. Our hope is that you use the expertise and experience of our team as your guide to avoid costly mistakes and add significant value to your financial situation.


We are legally bound to a fiduciary standard of placing your interests first. Our fiduciary duty applies at all times and for all components of your financial plan. We constantly strive to ensure your needs are met through a personal relationship and committed pursuit of your goals.

Michael H. Baker and Ross Marynell are Investment Advisor Representatives for AlphaStar Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor. AlphaStar offers discretionary portfolio management to a wide range of individual and institutional investors with diverse wealth management objectives. We are proud to have this relationship with a firm that makes it possible for investors, regardless of portfolio size, to enjoy the benefits of professional money management services.

As an independent firm, our foremost allegiance is to you, the client. We take a comprehensive approach as we partner with you to oversee your entire financial situation.

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