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Retirement and Estate Planning Workshop at The Pump House Thumbnail

Retirement and Estate Planning Workshop at The Pump House


Discover How The New SECURE Act, 2020 Elections, and Global Events Could Affect Your Retirement and Estate Plan  Dinner Event Highlights:              

✓ The SECURE Act – This new law made sweeping changes to existing retirement rules. How will this new law affect your retirement plans?  


✓ Taxes – Can you transfer assets to your family, friends, or charity without losing a huge portion to taxes? 


✓ Legacy Planning – How will rising medical expenses and extended care costs affect your finances?


✓ The Markets – Will your retirement income come up short if we see a bear market in the near future?                      


A Successful Retirement Doesn’t Happen by Chance. It Happens by Making Informed Decisions and Being Proactive in Getting the Latest Information.


Monday, March 23rd or Tuesday, March 24th  at 6:30pm

Reach out to our team at 704-556-1388 if you're interested in attending.