Can Your Retirement Survive a Low Return Environment?

What kind of retirement income can you expect if the stock market doesn’t produce the types of returns you’re anticipating? It’s no secret today that retirees are facing many challenges as they move into their retirement years. Longevity, for one, is becoming a real risk multiplier for the Baby Boomer generation since it amplifies the […]

VCA Market Review March 2015

Market Review March 2015 – The Value of a Dollar

The Value of a Dollar At the beginning of March, the S&P 500 hit another all-time high, but it promptly retreated from that high. Despite another upswing later in the month, it finished the month with a small loss. With the beginning of foreign stimulus programs, rumors of interest rate changes, and lukewarm economic news, […]


Retirement Focus: It’s About Cash Flow

I was recently having an in-depth conversation with one of my clients, and he said perhaps one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard when it comes to retirement planning. While we were discussing some potential ideas for him and his wife, he said: “You know, you will probably create hundreds of these plans over […]

VCA Market Review Jan 2015

Market Review January 2015 – A Rough Start

A Rough Start The new year got off to a rough start. US economic growth slowed and employment data disappointed, prices fell in the Eurozone again and there are concerns that it may start to lose members, and several large emerging markets are struggling. In 2014, the growth of the US economy helped to drive global growth, […]

VCA Market Review Dec 2014 Featured

Market Review December 2014 – What Kind of Year Has It Been?

What Kind of Year Has It Been? The year may have gotten off to a rocky start, but the US markets finished the year strong. US stocks pushed to record highs again and again throughout the year and US bonds recovered from their 2013 losses to post significant gains. Unfortunately, the picture was not so cheerful in […]


Market Review November 2014 – The Cost of Cheap Oil

The Cost of Cheap Oil The election is over and the Fed’s bond buying program is behind us. Analysts feared that either of those events could signal an end to the current bull market, but the US stock market continues to hit record highs on a weekly basis. The US economic data (e.g. GDP, jobs, etc.) continues […]

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Anchor Rob Boisvert speaks with financial planner Michael Baker

Anchor Rob Boisvert speaks with financial planner Michael Baker of Vertex Capital® about an upcoming lecture and other resources for those thinking about retiring soon. – See more at:–michael-baker–vertex-capital/#sthash.JHC3wqTC.dpuf

VCA Market Review Oct 2014 Featured

Market Review October 2014 – The End of QE3

The End of QE3 By mid-month, the US stock market was in the midst of a slide, and many international markets were in similar trouble. Financial reporters were speculating that this was the beginning of the “overdue market correction” that some people have been predicting since last year. The consensus was that the Eurozone was on the verge […]

VCA Market Review Sept 2014 Featured

Market Review September 2014 – Reducing Risk in a Month of Uncertainty

September was a rough month for investors. After stocks pushed to new highs in the early days of the month, disappointing economic numbers, mixed signals from central banks, and political uncertainties gave investors several excuses to reduce the risk in their portfolios or increase their cash positions. As we enter the fourth quarter, many investors are reevaluating their […]

VCA Market Review Jul 2014 Featured

Market Review July 2014 – Risk Adjustment

July started on a strong note. The US stock market pushed to new highs in the early days of the month, and then pulled back slightly as world events weighed on investors’ minds in the following weeks. US markets saw a nice recovery coming into the final week of the month, but renewed tensions with Russia squelched […]